If an aesthetic object is created without any human purpose, do we witness an accidental product of nature or do we perceive new forms of artificial intentions? The sculpture Helin embodies an organic data mirror emerging from our collective historical heritage. Our technical approach is based upon a novel procedure for Deep Learning in 3D space. The corresponding custom network architecture is trained on 120.000 historical sculptures and generates new alternative bodies 30 times a second. We enable insights into historical, spatial data of human expressions and translate this assembled intelligence into a natural and tangible artefact of heavy dark marble. more: https://bit.ly/31ijCa7 Credits: • Artistic Direction: Christian Mio Loclair • AI Art: Meredith Thomas • Generative Design: Helin Ulas • Production Management: Celia Bugniot • Management: Thomas Johann Lorenz • Camera: Marco Petracci • Photo: Marco Petracci • Video Production: Ali Naddafi • Sound Composition: Christian Losert • Robot Operations: Tor Art