I was incredibly lucky to be able to direct and design the video for the new single of Elton John and Dua Lipa. Thank you to the entire team and everyone who made this possible! *Full Credits* Director Raman Djafari Commissioner Katie Dolan Production Company Blinkink Producer Gareth Owen Executive Producer Josef Byrne Production Assistant Molly Turner 3D Design, Modeling & Animation Raman Djafari 3D Build Rosa Siabi 2D Design Raman Djafari Elton & Dua Design Seo Young Storyboard Artist Raman Djafari Ewa Luczkow Mysie Pereira Background Artist Xavier Ren 2D Animator & Clean up Supervisor Katie Spangenberg 2D Animation Joe Sparkes Thomas Knowler Ed Smith 2D Clean Up Simona Mehandzhieva Chirstopher Aboiralor Jack Zhang Jack Langridge Gould Krisi Zhupali Pete Chownsmith Martin Dray Reed Wiles Lydia Reid Nili Bhavsar Natalie Gray Kohana Wilson Sameera Joshi VFX Artist Jack Stone George Brunt Compositor Raman Djafari