I had the privilage of being Lead Animator on this film, at Nexus Studios. Was great to work with the whole team once again! I animated the car section at the beginning until the guitar handover, and the final dragon sequence, and a bunch other stuff in between, and generally oversee the 2D animation. I also did the storyboard/animatic/layout process and worked out the 2d camera moves. Its always great to work with Smith and Foulkes because they like to see what the animators and designers come up with, so they give us a lot of freedom to put our own creativity into their projects. Below are the credits: Nexus Studios presents ‘The Mystical Journey of Jimmy Page’s ’59 Telecaster’ – A Short film to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Telecaster. Produced for Fender. Credits: Story and Narration by Jimmy Page Produced by Nexus Studios Directed by Smith & Foulkes Producer Tracey Cooper Executive Producers Chris O’Reilly & Charlotte Bavasso Production Manager Rebecca Archer Previs and Project Supervisor Michal Firkowski Art Director Melanie Climent Lead Animator Bishoy Gendi 2D Animators Marlène Beaube, Giacomo Autili, Hozen Britto, Peter Lowey, Arina Shabanova Lead Compositor Jesse Richards Compositing Chris Gavin, Victoria Jardine, Dave Hunt 3D Generalist Sébastien De Oliveira Bispo Pierre Clenet Editor Dave Slade Audio Post Production Factory, London. Sound Design and Mix by Josh Campbell, Anthony Moore Produced by Lou Allen Client: Executive Producer Jeremy Taylor Producers Neil Whitcher, Matt Watts, Keith Legro Special Thanks Mike Bayer, Evan Jones, Justin Norvell, Michael Thomas, Ashley Stagg, Danielle Koehler, Jill Burgeson, Natalie Wright Music “DAZED AND CONFUSED” By Jimmy Page (Inspired by Jake Holmes) Performed by The Yardbirds Taken from the album ‘Yardbirds ‘68’ recorded live New York City FLAMES OF ALBION MUSIC, INC. (ASCAP) ALL RIGHTS ADMINISTERED BY WB MUSIC CORP. LICENSED COURTESY OF JIMMY PAGE Produced by Nexus Studios Presented by Fender © 2019 Fender Musical Instruments Corporation