“I Can Do That” highlights the amazing spirit and determination of those around us who defy their disadvantages to accomplish incredible things. — Filmsupply exists to empower creative professionals by providing high quality, cinematic stock footage. Filmsupply Films exists to empower the film. Each film has been hand-picked by our curatorial team, selected to inspire, challenge, and empower us to not only be better creatives, but better humans. Learn more about Filmsupply Films: https://bit.ly/3NpcK08 License footage from film : https://bit.ly/3DeFQKJ License high-quality, cinematic stock footage for your next project: https://bit.ly/2OTkKfx — Production Company: THE FOLD Producer: Merik Richardson Producer: Christian Darais Director: Benji Allred Director of Photography: Spencer Goff Production Manager: Karl Danielson G&E: Kato Wong G&E: Trent Davis Editor: Aaron Tharp Editor: Andy Matthews Assistant Editor: Austin Berenyi Original Score: Darren King (Musicbed) Sound Design: Christian Darais Colorist: Benji Allred Cast: Hockey Girl – Johanna Van Aken, Triathlete – Sister Madonna Buder, Skateboarder – Clement Zannini Special Thanks: Filmsupply and Musicbed