This table top, mixed media short film covers six decades of race and injustice in America through ten incidents of Black lives taken by police. Some of these incidents sparked national media coverage and furious uprisings across the country, while others didn’t get the attention they deserved. Directed by Sally Tran Executive Produced by Side Projects Anthony Laurence Hull Demetrius Beckham Cinematographer // Lorenzo Pace 1st AC // Agustina Biasutto Production Designer // Alison Melilo Graphics and Fabricator // Lauren Zettler Art Assistant // Danny Green Art Assistant // Molly Schneider Graphic Designer // Irene Feleo Illustrator Brittany // Piotrokowski Illustrator // Zoe Rosenberg Graphics // Emily Chomuik George Flyod Illustrator // Valeria De Felice Editor // Matt Hixon & Sally Tran Graphic Designer // Alex Cannon Compositor and Animator // Alex Amoling Audio Post Production // One Thousand Birds Color producer Ntropic // Will Mok Colorist Ntropic // Ayumi Ashley Jr. Colorist // Mark Sanna Thanks to Kwame Apraku Latasha Alcindor Laura Dopp and OTB Crew Yen Tran Kacie Barton Alexa Carroll Josh McKie Cyrena lee Ditte Ravnild Ghost Robot Side Projects This film was made from the 3rd to the 30th of June, during the George Floyd Protests, curfews and Covid-19 lockdown in NYC. Visit for more resources and all our research we used for the film.