video by Rus Khasanov music by Dmitry Evgrafov ( There is a story that prompted me to create this project. It is about how creative challenges and difficulties become the basis for new ideas. Even with my extensive experience working in this style, which I created randomly and developed my style with each new project, sometimes it’s hard to take not a “random beauty”, but a specific shot, precise movement, and you can spend several hours of hard work stubbornly searching for the right shot, or even a few days. This was last fall, I was called for commercial shooting in Seoul. We had 3 shooting days. The central idea was to get this shot: two paint balls on a clean colourful background merge into one big ball. It sounds pretty simple, but really… no matter what I did, such a shot did not work out in any way, any tricks, influences came down to one result: the paint balls simply burst and the paint settled a bright spot to the bottom. Or the paint balls froze for minutes side by side and then burst. For all these shooting days, a bursting paint ball was a real nightmare for me. A lot of beautiful footage were shot, but I couldn’t catch the main footage. Only on the last day of filming I did get the required few footage for merging paint balls, but it’s chance and luck. A couple of months later, as a result of experiments with various ingredients, I found an easy and stable way for the paint balls to be attracted to each other, merged and not burst. When you master the technique, you can already playfully turn the flaws into advantages: now in the bursting paint ball I see not a nightmare, but a bright colorful explosion which reminds me of fireworks. Also in this video, the bokeh effect plays a major role. Some people reproach me that my work is not sharp, and that I shoot with a small depth of field, but I never saw this as a problem, but on the contrary, I see this as beauty.