How do we best kill the mouse? Graduation film of Shadi Adib based on a novel by Sadeq Chubak with voices from Nick Cave, Andreas Hykade, David Bennett, Shaun Lawton and Jimmy Hibbert. Director: Shadi Adib Screenplay: Simon Thummet, Shadi Adib Animation: Shadi Adib, Kim Liersch Composting: Francesco Faranna Producer: Stefan Michel Editor: Luis Schoeffend Sound & Mix: Marc Fragstein Music: Marius Kirsten Voices: Nick Cave, Andreas Hykade, David Bennett, Shaun Lawton, Jimmy Hibbert Film School: Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg Fabian&Fred is happy to support director Shadi Adib and producer Stefan Michel in the festival distribution and hosting the Vimeo Premiere. Festivals incl.: Animation Festival Stuttgart, Tampere Film Festival, Annecy Animation Festival, Zagreb Animation Festival, Galway Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, Bucheon Animation Festival, Regard Short Film Festival, Go Short, Cinequest, Sapporo Short Film Festival and many more. ©2019 Filmakademie Baden Württemberg