Honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Directed by Coffey Directing a piece about the man who changed the course of American history was a dream come true for me. Dr. King has been a huge figure in many of our lives, and growing up he was the only person in my household that wasn’t related to me whose picture was hanging in my family’s living room. I was always interested in who he was, and I soon learned why his picture frame was bigger. When I asked my grandmother aka “Mama Dot,” she responded with, “He’s the man who cared enough about us to fight for our freedom by putting his life on the line for equality.” And the rest was history. The experiences I have had during my lifetime are the direct result of his work six decades ago, and when Wavelength asked me to Direct this piece, I had to come correct with the right subjects to help me say “Thank You.” Through this film we hope to amplify who He was and is, because his impact is multi-generational, and his word and work lives on today. – Coffey After viewing, drop a comment with your thoughts.