Hey, My name is Oren Gerner, I make and love short films. you can find me here: https://bit.ly/2Z0Yqni SYNOPSIS A teenager is walking through the forest with his classmates, looking for Gabriel, a kid from his boarding school who went missing. After a violent incident, he separates from the rest of group and starts to wander alone. He slowly drifts away from the searching crew, deeper into the forest. Starring: Thomas Doret, Eliott Le Corre. Directed and written by Oren Gerner Produced by Mélissa Malinbaum (WHY NOT PRODUCTIONS) Director of photography: Adi Mozes Assistant director: François-Xavier Dupas Edited by Juliette Alexandre Casting director: Julia Malinbaum Light Design: Georges Harnack Sound Recording and sound design by Colin Favre-Bulle Sound mix by Clément Laforce Color by Augustin Barbaroux and Yoav Raz Art Director: Marie-Cerise Bruel Directeur de production: Thomas Hakim Special effects by Daniel Falik Short Film Society: https://bit.ly/2Z0Yqni