Hates Insta filters, helicopters, and crybabies. Frostbite. Political unrest. Dealing with injuries three days from a cell signal. This is Dan Milner riding since 1985, published regularly since 1993. Getting the shot under his own power. Lit as nature intended. Example, inspiration, and tough as hell. _ Presented by: Yeti Cycles
_ Director: Craig Grant 
Co-Director: Joey Schusler
 Cinematography: Craig Grant & Joey Schusler Additional Cinematography: Dan Milner 
 Editor: Craig Grant
 Sound Design: Keith White Audio
 Motion Graphics: Good Fortune Collective 
_ Music: “Aspen” by Future of Forestry “Out For Blood” by Valley of Wolves “Long Train Home” by The Earth & Arrow Add’l. Music Composition by Cleod9 _ More Than Myth