HAIRY POUTER, a film designed entirely by AI. Directed by Chris Carboni. Sound by Ambrose Yu. Music by Charles Di Raimondo. Lillian is 98. She just finished reading HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE. This is her book review as interpreted by an AI image generator. We wanted our visuals to be infused with the same unexpected interpretive qualities found in Lillian’s descriptions. The goal was to take a beloved, iconic story known the world over and put it in the hands of possibly the only two collaborators with the ability to spin it into something new. Lillian’s creative recap of this familiar story is taken through a funhouse hall of mirrors by inputting her prompts into an AI image generator without any added context that might guide it’s interpretation toward the original source material. And thus, a new classic is born. We’ll let the world decide which version is best. To learn more about our process and to view a trove of additional artwork created for this project, visit Additional magic can be found on our IG as well – @_chriscarboni_