Growing up you are faced with many pathways but never can you actually predict what road you will end up on. Speed Miller, Detroit native, ended up on a different path than most. In fact he ended up on a horse. Brought up in Detroit city limits at his Grandads house, Speed spent most of his time just outside of town, tending to his grandads small horse farm. From a young age, Speed was faced with difficult choices, a product of hard times and a rough upbringing. Some of these choices led Speed down a tumultuous path that eventually resulted in jail time and several arrests. As with any good redemption story however, Speed found his purpose back where he started – at his grandad’s horse farm. Although constantly tempted by Detroit’s dark side, Speed reminds himself the horses dependency on him. Featuring: Speed Miller Produced by: Eightfold Collective Director: Nicholas Stachurski DP: Casey Stolberg Editor: Josh Beebe Post House: Hiatus Post 1st AC: Quinton Rodriguez 2nd AC / Loader: Vinnie Bredemus Gaffer: Taylor McKean Grip: Jake Gottman Production Design: Zach Hagy PA: Addison Brown Special Thanks: Luke Jaden Colorist: Kath Raisch Company 3 Producer: Amanda Pilnik Sound & Mix: Tailorsound Music: @iamyoungroc @zgtoboyz @joosexconquero Film Processing: