“From the Ash” is a visual metaphor for pushing forward as the world seemingly crumbles around you. For those who’ve lost, please don’t give up. For the best experience, please use headphones or a great sound system. Background Information: In May of 2018 the Ute Park wildfire burnt 36,740 acres; a large swath of it was on the Philmont Scout Ranch. Thank you to the Boy Scouts of America for allowing us to film on location at Philmont. Everything was shot in a controlled setting on private land during the winter in a recently scorched wildfire area. The crew was under the supervision of forestry professionals to ensure everything was executed safely. There wasn’t a single live tree touched throughout our entire production. Thank you to the men and women who put their lives at risk fighting real wildfires around the world. Please be responsible this wildfire season. BTS Article: https://bit.ly/3gD9Xzx Featuring: Nico Vink Directed By: Ryan Gibb Cinematography By: Liam Mullany, Scott Secco, and Ryan Gibb Additional Cinematography By: Austin Hopkins and Arnie Rodriguez Score Composed By: Blitz//Berlin https://bit.ly/2DFmBQ4 Post Sound By: Keith White Audio Colourist: Sam Gilling Post Work: Dan Gaud Still Photographer: Bruno Long Quote Written By: Jeff Collins Special Thanks Kaylee Gibb Tony Olmsted Jessie Jones Brecken Dalley Sean Larsen Keith Nelson Ben Harper Brittany Gibeau Brett Hills