From Multiverse Sector 42-O, this episode of “The Reality Blorp” brings you a special guest all the way from planet earth, Mikey Rae! Mikey is an obsessive doodler, musician, and dog father. His drawings ooze childlike wonder and crushing existential dread. Tune in to discover how Mikey navigates his erratic realities and the utter tragedy of the cosmos with a chuckle. Credits Director: West Producer: Austin Ross Director of Photography: Kron Additional Camera Operator: West Production Design: Golda Blaise Art: Katrina Volbracht Grip & Electric: David Buse Production Assistant: Jeremy Shellick Sound: Carlos Garcia Camera: Meghan Noce Camera: Lindsey Kennedy Assistant Director: Victoria House Merch: Hannah Lyles Script Supervisor: Christina Procter BTS: James Kwan Construction: Jack Boubelik Production Supervisor: Jeni Nelson Editor: Annie Jaynes