Fred Frugen and Vince Reffet, the two faces of a super-famous team, achieve exploits in flight that defy the imagination. In this interview with both of them, they firstly explain the extreme aspect of base jumping, before revealing two quite different personalities. But as soon as they talk about their relationship, we discover a sense of total fusion: synchronicity, trust, commitment, fun and danger… In the Soul Flyers duo, everything brings them together. RĂ©alisation : Maxime Moulin Agence : Apache Conseil Concepteur : Jerome Llado Musique : Mist – Drums Versions by Ian Post – There Is Always A Reason by Bortex – Artlist. Sound Design : Thomas Roche – Mix&Mouse Sound Recording : Julien Chabbert Images : Maxime Moulin – Hensli Sage – Alex Blaise – Fred Fugen – Vince Reffet – Supersize Films – David Arnaud – Red Bull. shot on Red Gemini Red Epic, Dji Inspire, Dji Phantom. video officielle : #brandcontent #commercial #pub #docu #sport #mountain #france #annecy #alpes #montagne #outdoor