Frank told a joke at work. Nobody laughed. Now at 3am he’s unable to sleep as he obsesses over his social faux-pas, leading him to contemplate the nature of memory itself. Cast Spencer Brown – Frank Crew Ed Bulmer – Director/ Animator Andrew Eu – Writer Shereen Ali – Producer Pablo Scopinaro – Composer Mdhamiri Á Nkemi – Editor Anna Rzezniczek – Production Designer Breen Turner – Sound Designer Bertrand Rocourt – Cinematographer Kathryn Poon – Puppet Costume Designer Palma Derzsi – Production Manager Vlad Barin – Colourist Callum Crisell – Gaffer Shaun Waldie – Gaffer Jeremy Lawton – 1st AC Anita Bruvere – Puppeteer/Model Maker Ewa Luczkow – Puppeteer Angus Choy – Model Maker Richard Smithson – Additional Animation