Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece The Conversation revolves around a¬†surveillance¬†expert (Gene Hackman, as Harry Caul) and the moral dilemma he faces when his recordings reveal a potential murder. This is my tribute to a film that I consider one of Coppola’s finest and combines powerful concepts such as murder, religion, privacy, surveillance and morality in a perfectly crafted piece. I took many licenses when depicting the period technology and elements used in the film, as my goal was to establish a contemporary point of view on a true classic, perhaps also working as a title sequence for an imaginary remake. Direction, design and animation: F. Lazzari Additional modelling: Raphael Rau Additional shading: Sebastian Livingston Sound design: Zelig sound Music (original soundtrack): David Shire Thanks: Kook Ewo, Anrick Bregman, Philippe Stalla, Mariana Osgood The Conversation on IMDB