Forrest Minchinton was raised by the desert. Growing up in Huntington Beach, CA, Forrest and his surfboard shaper dad – Mike – took every chance they got to head out to the Mojave desert. There, on a remote compound constructed from objects lost and found, Forrest learned to ride motorcycles, shape surfboards, and see the world through a different lens. DIRECTOR & PRODUCER:​ Dustin Humphrey EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: ​ Dustin Humphrey & Carby Tuckwell STARRING:​ Forrest Minchinton & Mike Minchinton WRITTEN BY:​ Shawn Tyler Packard & Cameron Goold DP:​ Cameron Goold EDITOR, COLORIST & SOUND DESIGN:​ Shawn Tyler Packard CAMERA OPERATORS: ​ Matt Wybenga, Jacob Johnson, Harry Mark, & Jedediah Thunell STILL PHOTOGRAPHY: Harry Mark MUSIC: Dawn – RY X Son of My Father – Chicory Tip Modern Life – Shakes Sorry – The Moth & the Flame Howling – RY X Heavy Pop – WU LYFE NARRATION:​ Jeffrey Pillars