For the past nineteen years, Raisa Chernina has gathered the best and the brightest of Brighton Beach’s Soviet émigrés to compete in the Your Highness Grandmother Pageant. Directed by Hailey Gates Produced by Claire Read Produced by Anais Ngbanzo & Emanuelle Atlan Associate Producer Valerie Kipnis Cinematography by Julian Kapadia Edited by Dylan Edwards Original Score by Zachary Seman Sound Design by Nikolay Antonov Sound by Jon Moore Second Camera Operator Izzy Cohan Translation by Valerie Kipnis Art Department Victoria Cronin On set producer May Kielany PA Tyler Coats Color by Alex Delany Title Design by Teddy Blanks, CHIPS Still photographer by Jen Steele Equipment provided by CPT Rental Special thanks: Kazim Karaismailoglu Raisa Chernina and Sasha Sirotin Signature Restaurant Be Proud Foundation Ramsey Lands Izzy Cohan and family Rel Schulman Sylvia Farago Olive Uniacke David Haskell Commissioned and produced by Farago Projects © Mercy Buckets Inc. 2020