For a few months out of every year, the northern high plains bear witness to some of the most incredible and beautiful severe weather events on the planet. Rotating and rolling monsters composed of moisture and heat, sculpted into towering behemoths by wind and terrain. I do hope that this timelapse short film does these terrifically terrifying beasts of the sky justice. Keep in mind that everything about this video is over the top. It’s bombastic, slow, fast, then slow, then fast, has cows mooing somewhere, is weirdly edited and paced, and overall a little bonkers. But these storms are bonkers. Especially the nocturnal ones. Severe systems displayed in this video include diurnal supercells (mostly LP and hybrid), tornadoes, mesoscale convective systems, and my favorite, the nocturnal low level jet driven supercell. Possibly not a real thing. But also a real thing. If you’re interested in assisting me in paying for gas to photograph additional severe weather, I’ve set up a gallery of individual 4K still images taken from Stormscapes 4. Each image is available for purchase digitally for only 5 US dollars. Personal use only, but you can print them out or use them as a desktop/home screen. Or whatever other creative ideas you might have. Visual elements copyright Nicolaus Wegner 2019. Footage was captured in 4K/5K raw format (diurnal sequences), and 8K raw (just a majority of the nocturnal sequences). Available for license. You can contact me through vimeo message or email at Sharing is caring, so have at it. Only original video links please. I’m not bothered if you have ads all over your website or blog if you share this via article or social media. Just no ads on top of the video player is all I ask. No television or news broadcast, please. ___________________________________________________________ This video is in no way endorsed by the following creators. All sound and music copyright is held by their respective owners. Music tracks licensed via Some sound licensed through – Thunda! Additional sound effects from – We Got Cows! One or two other sound effects acquired through, but I don’t think attribution is required. Will put it here anyway. Just in case.