FLOWERS is an afro-futuristic fairytale of love, following a ceremony of a mother giving away her son, adopting references to classic Disney stories from the 1930s-50s, modernising tropes for a coming of age tale. Through poetic abstract storytelling, elevated throughout by lush cinematic tones and stylised production and costume design, the whimsical story follows a prince as he journeys from the confinement of his family home into the harsh reality of the outside world in search of his one true love, to the disappointment of his overlooked brothers. In doing so the film reclaims the magic of that time we are all so familiar with: imagining what a black fairy-tale would look and feel like, by inverting and adapting age-old themes of fairy-tale lore. Director & Writer: Dumas Haddad Cinematographer: Olan Collardy Producer: George Telfer Creative Director: Adémidé Udoma Original Score: MIINK Production Designer: Jade Adeyemi Costume Designer: Ola Ebiti Production Company: Agile Films Starring: Sheik, Kenechi Carmel Amamgbo & Afua Hirsch Prince Narration: Yann Gael Brothers: Joshua Kekana, Tienne Simon, Alexandre Sappa, Tani Grade: Matthieu Tollet at The Mill Editors: Dumas Haddad & James Bradley Sound Design: Bankey Ojo Directors Assistant: Emm Le Chat Commissioned by: Panasonic Shot on the Lumix GH6 with Zeiss Superspeeds