Every season has its own beauty. This is the forth shortfilms that will showcase the seasons of Denmark. The focus in these films will be on the landscapes – primerely the changing nature. Spring is an amazing time of the year. I love this season where nature is blooming and the sunshine fill my soul with joy. The spring is an inspiring time and reminds us to embrace joy and love. We say goodbye to the cold, dark, and short days and welcome new beginnings, new hope, and new possibilities. In this timelapse film from Denmark you will experience the following locations: Skjoldungernes Land National Park This national park is located in central Zealand, 30 km from Copenhagen. It is characterized by large deciduous forests and the Roskilde Fjord with islands, islets and a unique birdlife. Ise Fjord From it’s relatively narrow entrance from the Kattegat at Hundested and Rørvig, branches of Ise Fjord stretch 35 km inland and divide the northern part of Zealand into the peninsulas of Odsherred, Hornsherred, and Nordsjælland. West Zealand In this area of Zealand, there is plenty of opportunity to experience charming old streets in the grocery towns, exploring the Danish ice age landscape and enjoying beautiful nature filled with prehistoric sites. FOLLOW MY WORK YouTube.com/CasperRolsted?sub_confirmation=1 Instagram.com/CasperRolsted Facebook.com/CasperRolsted Photographer, Editor and Sound Designer: Casper Rolsted https://bit.ly/2WzWzac https://bit.ly/3fgnPkr https://bit.ly/3zYmSoV https://bit.ly/3yiixg7 Thank you for watching. Don’t hesitate to like, comment, share and of course subscribe to my channel.