Episode 3 of our magazine “Hometown Journal” takes a scenic voyage through time, from the past to the future, revealing creative perspectives on social classes and norms. It is meant to educate and unify, lifting taboos on unspoken topics that concern all of us. Get Episode 3 of our magazine here: https://bit.ly/3QuFPIg With this film, we have set ourselves the goal of bringing the process of printing back into our consciousness. The fast-moving nature of the Internet has many advantages, but it also has certain disadvantages. The state of the eternal, the imperishable, and the analog have attracted us since we started making films and we wanted to combine these goals with bookbinding and filmmaking. This film was made possible with the energy and skill of our friends: 2nd Camera/Camera Assistants Mo Schinn & Zoé Paula, Colorist Christian Richter, Title Design Zoé Paula, Music Max Marius Dick and Band & Stckman with Kyle Quest and Bone Slim, Sounddesign Henric Schleiner. “How to Make A Magazine” – Produced, filmed, directed, and edited by Hometown. 2022