Elani has grown up in violence. It surrounds her. It inhabits her father and lives on every face in her neighborhood. But Elani has learned a trick: watching people’s hands. If she carefully observes how someone carries a mug or a phone or a bottle, she can spot that subtle difference between holding and wielding. This keeps her alive. Elani has been with Mikey for almost a year. She is his number one girl. Mikey and his best friend, Sunday, are small time drug runners and tonight is their biggest score. If it all goes well, they’ll have enough money to get out of Cape Town for good. It’s up to Elani keep Mikey happy for one more night and prevent their relationship from imploding. http://bit.ly/2q2yPZb http://bit.ly/2GxUcHY http://bit.ly/2q2ijZo http://bit.ly/2uIubod

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