El Rey, the greatest Luchador to ever live, tries retiring to live a normal life. Things do not go well. Written, produced, and directed by Anne Fong and JD Gardner. CREDITS ANIMATION/ILLUSTRATION – Anne Fong (http://bit.ly/1PMTXet) TECHNICAL DIRECTOR – JD Gardner (http://bit.ly/1HL8xfo) COMPOSER – Tim Quick (http://bit.ly/1PMTXew) THESIS ADVISOR – Vadim Turchin BLOG – http://bit.ly/1HL8znw ART – Anne Fong, Zamantha De Gula, Karis Oh MODELING – Polina McGuire, Nicole Morciniec, Christina Faraj, Alice Gavish, Joseph Szokoli, JD Gardner RIGGING – Minji Sohn, Brett Taggart, Marie Raoult, JD Gardner SHADING – Carmine LaMorte, Alice Gavish, Christina Faraj, JD Gardner, Dan Dickheiser ANIMATION – Mike Deliso, Elaina Brillantes, Dan Scheg, Francisco Dias, Anne Fong, Cat McDonnell, Polina McGuire, Sebastian Gat SIMULATION – Monica Manalo, JD Gardner LIGHTING – JD Gardner COMPOSITING – Min Hwa Jung, JD Gardner PRODUCED AT SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS / BFA COMPUTER ART THIS FILM MADE POSSIBLE IN PART BY THE SVA ALUMNI SOCIETY http://bit.ly/1PMTUzi

(Source: http://bit.ly/)