Director’s Statement: The term “I do what I love to escape” is something that Aaron and myself disagree with. We believe it is quite opposite of that. Our belief being that when you are doing what you love, you are completely tuned in and as close to reality as you can humanly be. It’s like a form of meditation. When Aaron is at the bar, he is tuned out. He is having troubles facing reality but knows exactly what he has to do in order to heal himself. That is where we coined the term Immunity. It is an act of healing. So Aaron leaves the bar and his demons behind in order to find himself, which is through riding his motorcycle. Overall, we had a very strong crew. This was a passion project so I was fortunate to have some very talented people pull some huge favors to help complete this. I couldn’t have done it without a solid team behind me. I would like to give a huge shout out to the boys at WZRD Media and Ryan Sheets from Sheets Studios for believing in me and truly allowing our vision to become a reality. Director/DP: Dylan Wineland Produced By: Dylan Wineland, Aaron McClintock, Connor Barnes Cinematography/Aerial Cinematography: Connor Barnes AC/Grip: Connor Barnes, Jon Riley Color: Aiden Ulrich Music: “Carved In Mayhem” – Luke Antencio “Life (Remastered)” – Solar Fields Supported: WZRD Media, Sheets Studios Rider: Aaron McClintock In Association With Meta Thumbnail Photo: Alex Stohl