Director: Mackenzie Sheppard Director of Photography: Oliver Millar Co-Producer: Kai Sandy of Mothco. Composer: SCHALLBAUER Music Executive Producer: Thomas Seuss Music House: AUDIOFORCE 16mm Film Scanning: Peter Hagge & Norm Li Stylist: Remi Takenouchi Cast: Kai Hoshino Sandy Louis Rault Watanabe Anam Sekiguchi Nozomi de Lencquesaing Mari Yamamoto KIRIKA Mioko Thanzuiye Kurumi VFX Post Production: PLATIGE Image CG Supervisor: Cezary Albiński Executive Producer: Zicz CG Producer: Katarzyna Banasiuk Model: Artur Borkowski Rigg: Pawel Szczęsny Track: Piotr Borowski, Pavel Uliashka Animation: Agata Staszczuk Fur: Grzegorz Jankowski Rendering: Tomasz Dziedzic Compositing: Pavel Uliashka Online: Mariusz Seliga Film Scanning: Peter Hagge & Norm Li Stylist: Remi Takenouchi Special Thanks: Elena Paulina Mewa Kurumi Mioko Louis We wanted to use the scale and helplessness of the moth as an analogy to humans. Like a moth to light, we all helplessly cling to technology for  life support—without knowing the outcome. Moths find themselves in a similar state of overstimulation that we do. A state of overstimulation that eventually leads to a fatigued-techno-daze. Leading us to disconnect, derealize, and depersonalize from the world around us.