Director: Austin Peters Creative Direction: Carlos Santolalla Video Production House: Radical Media Video Producer: Danny Dewes Editor: Marlo Caine at Cosmos Street Director of Photography: Bill Kirstein Stylist: Catherine Hahn Production Designer: Wylie Gelber Executive Video Producer: Jennifer Heath Asst. Editor: Kyle Moriarty Head of Production: Luiza Naritomi Sound Design created by Q Department Color and VFX by The Mill VFX EP: Heath Raymond VFX Leads: John McIntosh, Kshitj Khanna VFX Artists: Luke Midgley, Lucia Hill Barroso Colorist: Mikey Rossiter FEATURING Orville Peck Thanks Jem Louisianna Purchase Tess Holiday Minxie Mimieux Ryan Maddon Elle Dorado Elizabeth Becerril Delilah DuBois Dez Sam Evan Tate Ketch Weaver Tami Thomsen Ja’myra Harris Sam Lao Christopher “Click” Thompson Alan Bick Ketan Wyatt Bowie the horse Special thanks to the Fort Worth Film Commission & Billy Bob’s Texas Rodeo