Despite entering the session with an agenda, therapy doesn’t go as planned for Kevin when his counselor announces their time together has run its course. Directed by Ryan Wagner Written by Michael Sturgis Starring: Michael Sturgis as Kevin Jacqueline Wright as Patty Producers: Eli Raskin, Michael Sturgis Production Company: Field Trip Director of Photography: Tyler Weinberger 1st AC: Sergey Lobanov 2nd AC: Anatoly Ivanov Gaffer: Ilya Chegodar Grip: Changyi Yu Production Manager: Nuer Taqa Production Designer: Sean Perreira Production Sound: Andres Barrientos HMU: Sarah Krasnianski Costume Designer: Alyssa Gonzalez Covid Compliance: Jason Ramirez Editor: Corey Sherman Colorist: Elliot Powell Titles: Jeremy Raskin Composer: Aaron Reihs Sound Design: Tiago Cardoso and Dinis Henriques Post-Production Sound Services: Pulsar Studios, Portugal SPECIAL THANKS Sarah Sturgis, Patrick Adler, Ann Closs-Farley, Michelle Malizaki, Bobby N. Sye, Timothy Berlane, Nick Fyhrie, Adrian Cruz, Heindl Camera, Rita House