Bolivia’s Climbing Cholitas – a group of indigenous women scaling the Andes Mountains, some of the highest peaks in the world. Shot in Bolivia for Vogue Latin America and Vogue Mexico’s 20th anniversary cover story. THE CLIMBING CHOLITAS: YHENY LIMA ALAÑA (VOICE OVER) DOMITILA ALANÃ LLUSCO MARTHA SONCO CATARI MARITZA CONDORI MAMANI JULIA QUISPE TINCUTA ALICIA VIRGINIA QUISPE TINCUTA ALICIA LIMA ALAÑA GENOVEVA INES ALAÑ QUISPE Written and Directed – Yumna Al-Arashi Creative Direction – Look Studios Executive Producer – Jean Mougin Producer – Lana Salfiti Cinematography – Mattias Rudh Edited – Ryan Boucher Additional Sound Design and Mix – Chris Banks Focus Puller – Lala Lezzi Colourist – Joseph Bicknell SPECIAL THANKS TO KARLA MARTINEZ AT VOGUE MEXICO, JEANINE BLANCO ARRAYA AND ADRIANA BARRAGE PRADA AT THE LA PAZ TOURISM BOARD, CHARLES-MARIE ANTHONIOZ, KODAK MOTION PICTURES, CINELAB LONDON, PACHA MAMA AND EVERYONE IN BOLIVIA WHO OPENED THEIR HOMES AND HEARTS TO MAKE THIS FILM A REALITY.