Belluno is a small town in the north east of Italy, surrounded by the Dolomites. It’s my hometown. I came back here after having spent a few years in London. Not too many, just enough to see my hometown so different compared to the place I had left for the city. Everything here has changed and I changed too so… old news I guess. The thing I miss the most about London is walking around without a destination. I’ve spent days discovering new places, looking for the smallest detail here and there. I tried to do the same here but it didn’t work out. It actually felt sad, I’m still not sure why. I had to do something to reunite with this place. I’ve spent 11 days forcing myself to document every angle of Belluno. I did this taking pictures of its walls with a small window open on something that represents my relationship with my hometown. This video documents this action. After all the hard work I am still having the same mixed feelings about this place and living here, but at least I’ve discovered that every wall, no matter how many we build, has a crack or a scratch. And this is a relief. ***** Directed by Emanuele Kabu Sound design by NoDolby (Michele Scariot) Mixed and mastered by Marcello Batelli. With the help of Laura Pison and Cinema Italia Belluno. Filmed in Belluno (Italy) in April 2018. ***** 2018