Based on true events, Hold Me Down depicts a day in the life of a 19-year-old single mother who works as a stripper at an illegal nightclub to support her child in the South Bronx. It is filmed in the locations where the events depicted actually occurred; in the Mott Haven Housing Projects and in an actual brothel, and features a cast of non-actors / women survivors of sexual exploitation and domestic violence. Produced by More Media (, The Collectif, and Bob Film Sweden with support from IFP, the Swedish Film Institute and Sveriges Television. Share it and start a conversation. Writer, Director, Editor: Niclas Gillis Producers: Niclas Gillis, Stephen Buchanan, Anette Brantin Associate Producer: Prince Combs Starring: Tianna Allen, Prince Combs, Tanisha Lambright, Cheryl Juniaus, Anaya Ba, Nichole Adams, Miranda Collier, Syrah & Serenity Harris. DoP: Steve Annis Original Score: Jonas Söderman Bohlin Sound Design: Aleksander Karshikoff To get help or make a difference, visit