As a teenager unintentionally just by intuition draws a DICK on his desk at school we tried to close this art gestalt through a compilation of sexual sketches. Collection of love installations, an orgy of meanings, a simple and sensible dialogue reminds us that love is different, that love is the beginning of all good things in the universe. CLAN: Anton Shavkero, Alex Gorin, Iliya Korolev, Ivan Rys, Zinnur Mustafin, Yuriy Adam Sound: Daruma Audio Behance: Instagram: Telegram sticker pack: Chanters of song – anglers and peasants alike, rehearse their canticles at the dusk of day. A shamisen is entwined with a snake, a prince was born, who became you I love, as has never been in nature – As they love the statue, As they love highly spiritual love porn. Scenes from the human and animal spousal life, as I undress, I wish to show you something You are not blind, do shine a lantern Upon my lips, my teeth, my chest, and my arm. We shall lie on the ground, upon the waters, In the wind, in the sun. And we shall roll over – Hither and thither As a wave fleeing the shore, As a flower closing its blinkers, As a sheep deserting the wolf, only to later return. I overturn the concept of “savage” And I give you power over my mind, As much as you wish to grab. Tame the wild, taming the wild, tame the wild. I have no more words, can’t even breathe.