Ani Wa Sa is set in DR Congo’s Garamba National Park which is globally recognized as ground zero in Africa’s poaching wars. Fewer than 1,200 elephants remain. Two brothers who come from a line of central African Zande hunters, seek to protect their local forest from seemingly opposing avenues: one through family tradition and the other as part of a national park ranger team. Though their relationship has fractured, an advancing rebel group seeking to poach and traffick elephant ivory poses a mutual threat and the brothers may need each other to protect the people and wildlife of their homeland for generations to come.  Ani Wa Sa is being used in an innovative on-the-ground mobile cinema initiative to help build bridges of trust and collaboration between central African communities, conservation actors, and humanitarians, in an effort to improve the safety and build the resilience of people and wildlife in this fragile and interdependent ecosystem. As of March 31, 2020, Invisible Children has screened Ani Wa Sa in 67 communities in northeastern DRC and eastern Central African Republic (CAR), reaching 27,450 people.  This project is part of the USAID-funded Community Resilience in Central Africa (CRCA) Activity, an Invisible Children project made possible by the support of the American people. Directed by Lindsay Branham and Andrew Ellis Cast Jean EDMOND GAMBOLIPAY Benjamin FREDDY ANITUMBA Jean’s wife MARIE MILALI Benjamin’s wife PELAGIE NINAGU Ranger supervisor PAYSA LAVIE Francois IGNACE BAVUNGALA Young Benjamin ZAMBADE JERMAINE Young Jean DANAMBA MIHIDIE Radio operator LYCIE LAUNA Funeral extra ANNA MARIE MIZELE Jean’s son ZEPHANE MBOLITINE Garamba National Park Rangers (as themselves) Naomi Ruago Claver Binza Levi Tanduba Faustin Anigule Richard Payigo Jules Tandromba Jean Paul Tandema Christome Agare Jean Paul Mbolifuko Jean Faustin Mulolani Salomon Malitano A NOVO FILM Assistant Director Patrick Ken Kalala Executive Produced by Invisible Children Written by Lindsay Branham. Andrew Michael Ellis Story Consultants Ryan Patch, Dieubeni Mboliangba, Lisa Dougan Story based on focus group interviews conducted by Invisible Children, SAIPED, African Parks and Harvard Humanitarian Initiative in Central Africa. Cinematography by Andrew Michael Ellis Edited by Benjamin Stamper Produced by Lindsay Branham, Anna Marie Pitman Producer for Invisible Children Lisa Dougan Production Coordinator Bachir So Line Producer Dieubeni Mboliangba Production Supervisor Peter Philippot Assistant Camera Jacob Blumberg 2nd Camera Assistant Orphe Zaza Bamoy Production Photography Nathan Garcia Location Sound Jonathan Seale Translator Fidele Kinayogu Additional Translation Gregoire Balantie Original Music Jonathan Seale Zande Original Music Li Gby Gbele Azande Traditional Music Club Zande Musicians Sanderina Animbwe, Monica Sungufwe, Martin Joice, Christina Mangba, Emmanuel Manga, Isaac Iliso, John Bafuko, Patrick Migbialungo, Antony Daputa Additional Composition by David Racanelli and Jeremy McDonald Sound Design and Mix Nocturnal Sound Filmed on location in Garamba National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo. African Parks has managed Garamba in partnership with the ICCN since 2005.