An oblivious duo are closely monitored after their daring escape from a high security space prison. Starring Zach Braff and Joel Fry Directed by Karl Poyzer & Joseph Roberts Designed and Animated by Karl Poyzer Written by Joseph Roberts and Rowan Bancroft Sound Design by Jochen Mader Orchestral Score by Guido Maat Theme by Pete “Technicolour” Rogers Produced by Joseph Roberts & Karl Poyzer The Floaters universe expands on its a mundane look at the future with a timely second installment. “Hot on the heels” (read: about a year) after their first ever animated comedy sci-fi short ‘Floaters’ landed on the internet, Karl Poyzer and Joseph Roberts have returned with a sequel to the surprisingly successful comedy animation with the immaturely titled: Floaters: The Big Number 2. We can only apologise. Thanks to: Joe Lawerence, Ben Putland, The Panics, Alex Rusher, Alex Poyzer, Sady Fofana & Ian Hubert