Among the ruins of an extinct civilization, a group of young wanderers press on without looking back. As they tread the path laid by their cyber-gods, they will have to face the demons of time, beauty and the Mediterranean Sea itself before the equinox takes its last breath. Cornered by both the terrifying and the sublime, each of them must make the most transcendental decision of their lives: be ephemeral or become eternal. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Directed by Ernest Desumbila Produced & Post-Produced by Sauvage.TV Executive Producers: Eva Laffitte, Ernest Desumbila DoP: Jan David Gunther Poem by Stefan Storm recited by Susie Cobbs Art Director: Antoni Castells  Cast: Camelia Bourbon · Lea De Tullio · Maria Yurko · Joan Pedrola · Xavier Bekefi · Bella Michlo · Songa Park · Sharon Elongue · Salem Amar · Joss Jaycoff · Mahamadou Samanjari · Mike Payne · Daniel Berenguer Inspired by the world of Pressure Clothes by Théodoros Gennitsakis Music “Concerto pour une voix” by Saint-Preux / Copyright & Production NETMUSIC S.A.  With the participation of Iconoclast.TV Thanks to Gregg Dallesandro and Artistry Contact & distribution: