After the outcast Vendela has played a suicide tutorial from her YouTube channel in class, her teacher gets involved in the student’s life. The teacher’s involvement degenerates into a power game and a psychological thriller in an unsettling, and darkly comical, way that puts its finger on how social media is used as a status symbol among teenagers. Get Ready With Me is the Gold winner at the Student Academy Awards® in 2018. Cast: Shanti Roney, Miriam Benthe, Jessica Liedberg, Omeya Lundqvist, Vanja Engström, Jenna Chaaraoui, Robin Keller, Lisa Agby Writers: Amanda Högberg, Axel Nygren Director: Jonatan Etzler Producer: Johan Lundström (Stockholm University of the Arts) DP: Nea Asphäll Sound: Anders Lindahl Editor: Robert Krantz Composer: Andreas Ahlm Production Designer: Julia Tegström Post-Production coordinator: Abed Loutfi FAD: Jonatan Sköld Production year: 2019