After the outbreak of COVID-19 and the beginnings of global lockdown, we sent out a call to animators from around the world to send us a short animation depicting something positive they have experienced, seen, or thought in the midst of this strange time. Over 90 animators sent us their contributions, and this is the first film out of a series of three. We hope it will encourage people to stay home and see that there are still some positives to come of it. Press: Direction/Concept: Studio Desk Kathrin Steinbacher & Emily Downe Music & Sound Design By Jan Willem de With Additional Animation/Direction: (Clips in order) 00:13 Animation & Sound: Angela Stempel 00:24 Animation & Sound: Trang Nguyen 00:39 Animation: Bela Unclecat Sound: Mikhail Gavrilov 00:50 Animation & Sound: Laura Jayne Hodkin 01:01 Animation: Magdalena Kreps Sound: Eneko Ezquerro Gómez 01:11 Animation & Sound: Lewis Heriz 01:18 Animation: Magali Garcia 01:24 Animation: Bryan Lee 01:29 Animation: Gabriella Marsh 01:39 Animation & Sound: Daniela Sherer 01:51 Animation & Sound: Anna Smirnova 01:58 Animation: Elisabetta Bosco Sound: Francesco Maccario 02:06 Animation & Soun : Gabriela Sibilska 02:17 Animation & Sound: Iulia Voitova 02:31 Animation & Sound: Kyle Xuereb Cuningham 02:40 Animation & Sound: Kiana Naghshineh 02:54 Animation & Sound: Fabian Friedrich 03:04 Animation & Sound: Hannah Brewerton 03:08 Animation & Sound: Nofar Schweitzer 03:19 Animation & Sound: Jenny Jokela 03:28 Animation & Sound: Rachel Gutgarts 03:38 Animation & Sound: Jodi Lai 03:53 Animation & Sound: Good Golly 04:03 Animation: Lydia Reid 04:12 Animation: Amanda Bonaiuto Sound: Alex Toth 04:19 Animation: Amit Cohen Sound: Siamese Twins On Acid 04:35 Animation: Emily Downe 04:44 Animation & Sound: Liang-Hsin Huang 04:54 Animation & Sound: Alexander Gratzer 05:11 Animation & Sound: Louisa Kohlhoff 05:20 Animation & Sound: Anna Valkanou