After an astronaut returns from her lunar mission to find that the public lost all interest in the moon, the stories of the astronaut, a film director, and a bear intersect. Watch it in 4K. Enjoy! Official Selection – RiverRun International Film Festival Official Selection – Edmonton International Film Festival Official Selection – Lago Film Fest Official Selection – Beverly Hills Film Festival Official Selection – Utah Film Festival Official Selection – Royal Starr Film Festival Official Selection – ME Film Festival Official Selection – Prague Film Awards Official Selection – Santa Fe International Film Festival Official Selection – Florida Animation Festival Official Selection – AFMX Finalist – New York Animation Film Awards Winner – New York Cinematography Awards Winner – Hollywood Blvd Film Festival Winner – Canadian Cinematography Awards Thank you to the amazing artists who helped make this possible. Music: Paul Michael Cardon Executive Producers: Nexus Studios, Chris O’Reilly, Charlotte Bavasso Development Producer: Julio Bonet Voices: Gabby Capili, Jake Sheppard, Claire Epting, Kristin Wetenkamp, Noah Malone, Caleb Fietsam, Sam Lane, Emiliano Aguirre-Medina, Asher Adel, Dylan Kanner Sound and Mix: Paul Michael Cardon Dialogue Recording Engineers: Dylan Kanner, Sarah Ibrahim, Sonya Fayzieva, Asher Adel, Angel Teng Producer: Mikey Oz Add. Animation: Laura White, Sam Horowitz, Kuan Dang, Bryan Lee Coloring: Amanda Chin Music Orchestrated and Conducted by Jason Poss Music Preparation by Danita Ng-Poss Alto Flute: Johanna Borenstein Oboe: Lara Wickes Clarinet: Gary Bovyer Bass Clarinet: Sal Lozano Bassoon: Bill Wood Trumpet: Rob Schaer Violin: Elizabeth Hedman, Julie Rogers Viola: Alma Fernandez Cello: Tina Soule Recording Engineer: Evan Bradford Written and Directed by Mathieu Libman