Across the Bay Area, illuminated windows reveal volunteers for Exhale, a hotline for people seeking help in processing their abortion experiences. In the still of night, these volunteers lend an ear to those who need it. Directed by: Jessie Zinn Featured Voices: Meghan, Janelli Vallin, Elaine, Nina Pine, Susan Chorley, Cait, Sierra McGovern Associate Producer: Aurora Brachman Cinematography & Editing: Jessie Zinn Written by: Kirra Zinn Production Assistant: Michael T Workman On-location Sound: Aurora Brachman Story Consultant: Kirra Zinn Music: Alaskan Tapes Colourist: Sean Wells Sound Mix: David Sandwisch Faculty Advisors: Jamie Meltzer, Elizabeth Lo Technical Support: Mark Urbanek, Paul Meyers In collaboration with Exhale: Produced in the Documentary Film M.F.A Program, Department of Art & Art History, Stanford University