A young mother and her daughter live in the out-of-season seaside resort Benidorm. The mother lives by night, working in a run down hotel, and the daughter by day. Their paths never cross and their only link, maintaining any sense of family life, is a walkie talkie. Mother: Yelle Alma: Themis Pauwels Director: Raphaëlle Tinland DOP: Luis Armando Arteaga Editor: Vincent Tricon Art department: Nacho Ruíperez Sound edit: Virginie Messiaen Color Grading: Caïque de Souza ​ Produced by ​​Eddy Producer: Nicolas de Rosanbo Assisted by: Céline Vanlint Producers Spain: Michael Moffett & Johan Martinez With the help of: Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée Orange Cinéma Séries OCS Angoa / Procirep Département de la Seine Saint Denis Cinémas 93​