A young man tries to hold on to the image of his sick grandfather, by piecing together fragments of memories he has of him. My thesis film from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Director and Animator l Ynon Lan Actors l Daniel Botzer and Mordechai Zilber Original Music l Daniel Markovich Sound Design l Ron Cohen Making Of | http://bit.ly/2r0FVx5 l Festivals & Awards l – ASIF, Israeli Annual Animation Festival (August 2016) – ISFVF, The Beijing Film Academy International Student Film Festival (October 2016, China) – BALKANIMA, European Animated Film Festival (October 2016, Serbia) – PeterKiT, International Student Film Festival (October 2016, Saint Petersburg) – HAFF, Holland Animation Film Festival (March 2017, Utrecht) – Monstra, International Student Short Films Competition (March 2017, Portugal) – Athens Animfest (March 2017, Greece) – Athens International Film + Video Festival (April 2017, Ohio, USA) – Leiden International Short Film Experience (May 2017, Holland) – Backup Festival (May 2017, Weimar, Germany) – Future Film Festival (May 2017, Bologna, Italy) – Tbilisi International Student Film Festival (May 2017, Georgia) – Golden Kuker Sofia (May 2017, Bulgaria) – River Film Festival (June 2017, Padova, Italy) – The Jerusalem International Film Festival (July 2017, Israel) – Anibar Animation Festival (August 2017, Kosovo) – Animaze, Montreal International Animation Festival (August 2017, Canada) – Festival of European Student Animation (August 2017, Serbia) – Winner of Best Experimental Film – Indie Ani-Fest (September 2017, Korea) – London InShort Film Festival (September 2017, England) – Anyma Syros Animation Festival (September 2017, Greece) – Vienna Jewish Film Festival (October 2017, Austria) – Puppet Is a Human Too (October 2017, Warsaw, Poland) – Long Short Film Festival (December 2017, Tel Aviv) – Israeli Cinema Festival in Paris (March 2018, Paris, France) – Palm Springs Jewish Film Festival (March 2018, Califronia) – Epos Film Festival (March 2018, Israel) – Winner of Best Student Film – Soma Film Festival (March 2018, New Jersey) – The Moscow Jewish Film Festival (May 2018, Russia)