A young journalist goes into the deep wood to interview the heavy-metal duo LANDGRAVES, who record an album for the first time since a murder imprisonment. His curiosity pushes him to follow the band deep in the forest, as a snowstorm arises. 45 selections, 15 awards. LANDGRAVES by Jean-François Leblanc, written by Alexandre Auger featuring François Ruel-Côté, Pierre-Luc Brillant and Souldia produced by Julie Groleau (Couronne Nord) and Charlotte Beaudoin-Poisson À propos du film (en français) : https://bit.ly/3ud4KpJ “Landgraves never sprints towards its icy terror. Just like it’s difficult to run through snow, the film’s pacing slowly pushes you closer to the climax.” — Decibel Magazine Follow Landgraves https://bit.ly/3ky1P7H Listen & download ‘Nachträglichkeit’ – the film’s original soundtrack composed by Xavier Germain Poitras & Louis Guillemette (previously Solids) https://bit.ly/3EKh5qj ——— Thriller | 2020 | French w/ Eng subtitles | Québec, Canada CREW Director : Jean-François Leblanc Production : Julie Groleau (Couronne Nord) et Charlotte Beaudoin-Poisson Screenplay : Alexandre Auger-Fortin Cinematography : François Messier-Rheault Editor : Jules Saulnier Artistic Direction: Charlie Beaudoin Sound : Laurent Ouellette, Simon Gervais, Ariel Harrod, Stéphane Bergeron Music : Louis Guillemette, Xavier Germain-Poitras ABOUT JEAN-FRANÇOIS LEBLANC Originally from Quebec City and a graduate University of Montreal graduate, Jean-François has written and directed several short films, including The guy from work, which has won several awards. His fascination with ordinary people, masculinity, spontaneity and genuineness in cinema is at the center of his artistic approach. FILMOGRAPHY Landgraves | 2020 | Short Film Le Prince de Val-Bé | 2019 | Short Film Le gars d’la shop | 2015 | Short Film Ordinaires | 2013 | Short Film 12 Hommes en Tabarnak | 2011 | Short Film ——— Produced by Couronne Nord https://bit.ly/3zxUSI9 Distributed by Travelling https://bit.ly/3mtvk9u https://bit.ly/3rRY663 https://bit.ly/2Njm2A8 CONTACT Travelling / Attn : Tam Dan Vu / coordo@travellingdistribution.com Couronne Nord / info@couronnenord.ca Jean-François Leblanc / jeafleblanc@gmail.com