A young boy discovers the stone head of an ancient black English king buried in the Dartmoor countryside. Throughout his childhood he idolises the king, the discovery comes to define his whole identity. But as an adult he comes to realise that his recollection of the head and the king are false memories. Directed by Zhang + Knight Producer – Martha McGuirk Executive Producer – Luke Tierney Production Manager – Alex Jefferson Production Co-Ordinator – Hayder Hoozeer Production Assistant – Natalie Steiner Casting – Charlotte Lowdell 1st Assistant Director – Tom Lancaster 2nd Assistant Director – Darren Baba Cinematographer – Ruben Woodin-Dechamps Steadicam Operator – James Chesterton 1st Assistant Camera – Rich Savage 2nd Assistant Camera – Francesca Zucchini Camera Trainee – Christopher J Orr 1st Assistant Camera (pickup) – Cristina Cretu Gaffer – Peter Bishop Art Director – Zoë Klinck King Eke’s Head – Rod Vass King Eke’s Head – Lois Vass Historical Tablet Designer – Kate Klinck Historical Tablet Printer – Ge Feng Prop Delivery – Frank Luscott Costume Designer – Taff Williamson Styling Assistant – Sara Mtimet Editor – Ellie Johnson (tenthree) Colourist – Daniel De Vue (glassworks) Post House – Glassworks Post Producer – Victoria Taylor 3d VFX Artist – Julian Johnson 2d VFX Artist – Leanne Pletersky Additional VFX – Ling Ling Sound Design – Robert Ashton Catering – Dawn Vooght (delicious dartmoor) Runner – Billy Langdown Runner – Chantal Miles Runner – Drew Graver Runner – Ben Cohen Young Ato – Charlie Cunningham King Eke – Cornell John Grandma – Karole Bilas Queen Eke – Shereen Russell King’s Advisor – Trevor Lewis King’s Advisor – Daniel Childs King’s Child – Memphis Dixon King’s Child – Joshua JL King’s Child – Kyal Madiba King’s Child – Johnathan King’s Child – Leon Bus Passenger – Darrell Bilas Bus Passenger – Andrew Bilas Bus Passenger – Stephen Shephead Bus Passenger – Mike Howdle Bus Passenger – Elizabeth Low Special Thanks Luke Jacobs Aleks Ugarow Craig Game George Rumsey Matt Suddaby Brenda + Joe Cunningham John Dracup + Dracup Family Kelly Amundsen Shaylah Duncan Stijni Mulder (Headland Warren Farm) Jean Avery Seraphine Tumbridge Jonathon Ng Dartmoor Annex Panavision Panalux Wavend Produced by FRIEND London