A triumphant portrait of a boy who left his home and a single-mother who birthed her child in a refugee camp, as they transcend difficult histories while settling in a quiet Italian town. “Too often, stories about irregular migration are centered on trauma, and depict seekers of asylum as hapless victims in need of rescuing. This film subverts the commonly accepted narrative by illuminating the regality of those we commonly disregard as outsiders. Combining culturally representative fashion design with storytelling, the ‘After Migration’ project celebrates the experiences of refugees and dispels tropes which cast them as unfortunates. In this work, subjects of irregular migration are shown as nuanced contributors to their new societies, while journeying in search of safe havens to call home.” AfterMigration.com Starring: Alieu Kebbeh Favor Joseph Directors: Walé Oyéjidé & Jake Saner Score: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Cinematographer / Editor: Jake Saner Associate Producer: Giulia Alagna Assistant Camera: Federico Epifanio Location Sound: Sam Hubler Colorist: Tim Masick Sound Mixer: Rob Shortill Costume Design: Ikiré Jones Still Photographer: Neil Watson Executive Producer / Writer: Walé Oyéjidé Presented by Ikiré Jones.