A town on the borderlands of Texas. A place out of time. A desert where strange lights dance in the night sky. A mecca for lovers of minimalist art. A landscape of lost horses, freaks and food trucks. And then there’s the giant lemon. An award winning film by The Brothers McLeod. http://bit.ly/2MgtEx3 Awards: Winner of the WTF Award at Flatpack Film Festival 2018 Honorable Mention, Documentary Short, Oak Cliff Film Festival 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Nominee for Short Film Grand Jury Prize, 2018 Nominated for the McLaren Award (Edinburgh Int’l Film Festival), 2018 Screening at: Sundance Film Festival 2018 Tampere Film Festival 2018 Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen 2018 Internationales Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart, 2018 Animation Dingle 2018 Glas Animation 2018 Cardiff Animation Festival 2018 Filmfest Dresden 2018 Flatpack Film Festival 2018 Fest Anča International Animation Festival 2018 Sundance Film Festival: London, 2018 Animation Day in Cannes, 2018 Marfa Film Festival, 2018 The Edinburgh International Film Festival, 2018 Rooftop Films, Brooklyn, 2018 Animation Block Party, 2018 Southside Film Festival, 2018 Oak Cliff Film Festival, 2018 Encounters Short Film Festival, 2018 Message to Man International Film Festival, 2018 New Orleans Film Festival, 2018 Quebec City Film Festival, 2018 KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival, 2018 A Film by The Brothers McLeod Animated by Greg McLeod Poem by Myles McLeod Poem read by Stephanie Hunt Interviews by Greg McLeod Sound Design by Tom Angell Music by Tom Angell, Adam Cross, Chris Cataleana and the Native Americans, Christian Bland and the Revelators, Barolo Contributors: Alex Hannaford, Scout Hannaford, Jon Johnson, Aase, Alannah Campion, Robin Lambaria Footage Stabilization by Kieran Baxter French subtitles by Lise Morel Kickstarter supporters: Tom Angell, Gaia Banks, Rob Blackham, Jen Campbell, Greg Childs, Sean Connolly, Laura-Beth Cowley, Sarah Cox, Ludovic Dachet, M Dadela, Hanne Dale, Erica Darby, Ian Deeming, Mark Dennis, Dan Efergan, Sue Elliott, Gareth Evans, Tom Evans, Edwin Falker, Ben Foster, Steven Fraser, Tim Frost, Michael Fukushima, Rozi Fuller, Beth Gardiner, Andrew Haines, Brian Hartley, Peter Howell, Seph Itz, Alex Joliffe, Darren Jones, Jim Le Fevre, Andrew Lees, Ben Lynch, Hugh MacLeod. Sam Morrison, Meghan Oretsky, Sai Pathmanathan, Joanna Quinn, Chris Randall, Ian Ravenscroft, Janet Record, Melanie Reed, Thomas Roberts, Jilli Rose, Will Rose, Cindy Scroggins, Olesya Shchukina, Carol Sobral-Kilmister, Jez Stewart, Yamination Studios, Kate Sullivan, Heather Tilert, Sam Tipper, Sharon Walpole, Abigail White, Nathan Wilkes, Ben Wood, Gary Yershon, Carol Younghusband, Tieg Zaharia Thanks to: Erica Darby, Amy Nicholson, Flavia Kropf, Kim Stuart, Harry Goodfellow, Our Families Special thanks: Catherine Webber, Dave Webber Copyright The Brothers McLeod 2017