A surreal comedy about an office worker who has resigned himself to spending every waking hour tortured by the negative voice in head, until a concerned coworker decides to take action. SXSW 2020 Film Festival Official Selection Written and Directed by: Graham Parkes Staring: Lewis Pullman & Mat Wright With: Trian Long-Smith, Jacquie Barnbrook, Benmio McCrea, Arthur Keng, Tom Truax, Jeff Lewis Produced By: Brendan Garrett Cinematography By: Chris Ripley Production Design By: James Whelan Music By: Alex Belcher Featuring: “Walk Away” by Buzzy Lee Casting By: Dylan Jury Costumes By: Kimberly Sheree Mason Edited By: Kati Skelton & Graham Parkes Sound Design By: Jack Sobo Executive Producer: Adam Joseph Associate Producer: Minnie Schedeen