A short film following the activity of a missing persons phone. ‘if you never answered x’ explores themes of communication, connectivity and loss in the 21st century through the prism of notifications appearing on a phone screen. http://bit.ly/2TxKlZk crew credits x director: daniel mckee http://bit.ly/2TxKlZk producer: alfie johnson 1st: nicholas middleton dop: molly manning walker http://bit.ly/2BrIZbI editor: chris wilson http://bit.ly/2TDcHBw art department: phoebe platman http://bit.ly/2Bq69yS sound design: ancestral voices + harry butcher score: ancestral voices http://bit.ly/2TH2O60 commissioned by: homespun yarns http://bit.ly/2Bq6aTs