A short documentary for The Face profiling a UK musical collective of six young female DJ’s. – When six UK DJs and producers drunkenly manifested their desire to earn six figures on a night out, little did they know that within a year they would’ve shelled out their first headline tour as a DJing supergroup. Their name was a no-brainer: 6 Figure Gang. Each member – Jossy Mitsu, Dobby, FAUZIA, Sherelle, LCY and Yazzus – brings their distinctive musical personality to the collective. But they share a passion in high-energy club music, and they find strength in collective action. As 6 Figure Gang blew up in 2019, The Face followed the DJs, producers, radio hosts and labelheads on tour dates in London, Berlin and Norwich. Our cameras caught them chatting about YouTube haters, dismissing KP’s Dry Roasted peanuts for being “boujie” and causing sonic havoc in every rave they entered. Although clubs are closed for the foreseeable future, 6 Figure Gang have already made an impact in the UK dance music scene, and they’ve established a sense of solidarity that’s been nurtured during lockdown. – director Kate Villevoye executive producer Jennifer Byrne producers Rosanna Gouldman and Adam Lilley dop Anna Gudbrands and Timi Akindele Ajani additional camera GLASHIER camera assistant Dubheasa Lanipekun sound recordist Millie Gray editor Scarlett Bovingdon sound design Ines Adriana colourist Delfina Mayer special thanks Callum Reece