A SENSE OF SCALE is a reminiscense to the famous “Sense of Scale” documentary by Berton Pierce form 2011. As the documentary, my experimental short film is all about details and the beauty of practical effects. I want to emphasize the meaning of handmade visuals and the effort it takes to stage sceneries on a small scale. I captured very tiny areas of paint flowing on a piece of paper while zooming in the closest possible with a custom lens setup. All shots are taken with my RED DSMC2 in 8K and several macro lenses. It took me around 1 year to finish this piece. Color graded and optimized for HDR devices. Thanks for watching! Music licensed via Musicbed: Tony Anderson – Infinite This video is available for commercial usage in 8K, SDR and HDR. Request a license here: https://www.terracollage.com/licensing​ Terracollage // Experimental Fluid Art and Macro Cinematography // Stock Footage // Licensing // Production // 8K // HDR _____________________________________________________ +++ My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/romandegiuli​ +++ +++ My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/terracollage​ +++ +++ My Website: http://www.terracollage.com​ +++ _____________________________________________________